About DCCT

Die Cast Car Trader (DCCT) is your new home built by enthusiasts to buy and sell your die cast vehicles.

DCCT is the best way to buy and sell your personal collector die cast cars directly to an enthusiast community.

Our goal is to be a home for everyone no matter of age or level in die cast car collecting to be able to find, sell and buy the cars that you know yourself or someone is looking for.

How our Live Auctions Work

Every auction goes live with an informational listing, photo gallery, and additional seller features that help ensure a great result.

  • Each auction has a comment thread where the DCCT community can discuss the vehicle and asks the seller questions. Sellers are encouraged to be active participants in the comments section - answering questions and engaging with the community increases bidder confidence.
  • Shipping will be standard at $6.95 (charged to BUYER) and will be automatically added to the winning bid. We feel this will ensure a prompt shipping of the winning bid.

How Bidding Works

You must register a new account to place bids on DCCT

  • We encourage all potential bidders to read the listing and review the entirety of the comment section before placing a bid. It is important that bidders do their due diligence to understand all the details of the auction item and insights offered by members of the community.
  • To bid on an item on the DCCT website, we will reiterate, users must have already registered as well as provided a means to pay for items via credit card. You cannot bid on an item without a registered account on DCCT
  • When bidding, your first bid on an item will put a .50 charge/hold on the card you have on file. Upon winning the auction item, the full amount of the item, plus the $6.95 shipping will be placed on your card.
  • If you did not win the auction, the .50 charge/hold will be released.

The Post-Auction Process

  • When the auction reserve is met when the listing ends, DCCT provides the seller and winning bidder with each others’ contact information via email and in your dashboard, the funds will then be moved into the sellers PayPal account.
  • The buyers credit card account will automatically be deducted the amount of the winning bid plus $6.95 for shipping.
  • Example payout to seller:
    If your auction is sold for $10.00, you will receive $9.00 (10%  = $1.00 to DCCT) + $6.95 for shipping directly into your PayPal account. Congrats!


How Our Fees Work

  • Sellers pay a $.50 listing fee (Regular Ad) or $3 listing fee (Premium Ad)
  • Buyers pay a 10% fee on top of the final sale price to DCCT, capped at $100.

Regular Ad
Regular ads are unlimited in spaces available. They run based on your timeline for the auction expiration. 

Premium Ad
We have a limited number of these ads that appear first on the home page and are available on a 1st come basis when posting an item for auction. The cost of the Premium Ad is $3.00.