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RLC Exclusive sELECTIONs Kawa-Bug-A

Our exclusive sELECTIONs editions are created with votes from the RLC members. For our first 2023 offering, you chose a second release of the Kawa-Bug-A, which first surfaced in 2022.

Coasting right along, you picked Spectraflame magenta for color and Real Riders steelie wheels. Designer Steve Vandervate then transformed your choices into a treasure that features an opening rear hood, a removable surfboard, and an acrylic case. Pre-order from June 20 – July 3, and shore up your collection.

  • RLC Exclusive sELECTIONs Kawa-Bug-A
  • Features: Opening rear hood, removable surfboard
  • Body Color: Spectraflame magenta
  • Graphics: Gloss white siding and rear fenders; silver-painted roof rack with brown suitcase, white and light green toolbox, and;white surfboard with magenta and light green stripes; authentic manufacturer logos
  • Body Type: ZAMAC
  • Wheels: Real Riders steelie wheels
  • Base: Full-metal, imitation silver-plated chassis and engine; matte black painted engine with additional painted details
  • Window Color: Light smoke-tinted
  • Interior Color: Pearl white with painted details
  • Scale 1:64

Packaged in an acrylic case with a sturdy outer box.

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