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Matchbox 2021 Ford Bronco

This rugged off-roader built its legacy in the 1960s but was discontinued in the 1990s. Today the Ford Bronco is back and now it’s a Matchbox Collectors exclusive. The new design for 2021 leans heavily on its classic look but adds a bold modern flair to its outdoor aesthetic. This truck is built to go way past where the road ends, so grab this eye-catching beast before it rides off past the horizon.

  • Matchbox 2021 Ford Bronco 
  • Features: Opening doors
  • Body Color: Black, orange, and metallic
  • Graphics: Authentic manufacturer logos, “DER Desert Endurance Racing” logo on doors and hood
  • Body Type: ZAMAC 
  • Wheels: Matchbox True Grip offroad tires with black hubs and orange tampos 
  • Base: Black 
  • Window Color: Medium smoke-tinted 
  • Interior Color: Black 
  • Scale: 1:64 

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