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For the final Red Line Club sELECTIONs edition of 2022, you went for our pro-touring take on the ’69 Chevy® Camaro® SS™. Your votes determined this collectible casting, which debuted last year, and will now get a second release.   We also asked you to choose a color, and you blew us away with Spectraflame bright orange, so our team created a fiery phantasm with ghost flames! With an opening hood and Real Riders 5-spoke wheels, this hot ride will heat up your collection.   The car is made to order, so you can purchase as many as you want from 10/18 – 10/31. Just note that they won’t be delivered for several months. Make sure you order now to ensure its stylish arrival in your collection.  Release Date: 10/18/22

  • Features: Opening hood 
  • Body Color: Spectraflame bright orange 
  • Deco: Ghost flames on sides  
  • Body Type: ZAMAC 
  • Wheels: Real Riders 5-spoke wheels with Goodyear tampo 
  • Base: Full-metal, matte black-painted ZAMAC chassis and engine with painted details 
  • Window Color: Light smoke-tinted 
  • Interior Color: Black with painted details 
  • Scale: 1:64 

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